Launch your life with physics

The latest in our series of careers posters for schools.

The posters illustrate how useful physics is for careers both in and beyond science. To order a printed copy of the posters email

Roma poster pic

"Engineering is a great way to use maths and physics to do something practical." Roma, structural engineer.

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Ozak poster pic

"I am passionate about sustainable design and renewable energy." Ozak, electrial engineer. 

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Merlin poster pic

"I'm part of a team building a new telescope with a 3,200 megapixel camera - the largest in the world." Merlin, astrophysicist.

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Kelly poster pic

"One day I could be putting together a fun quiz like 'which chemical element are you?' the next I can be interviewing leading scientists." Kelly, journalist.

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George poster pic

"I attend college one day a week and work at a hospital the rest of the time getting hands on experience." George, medical engineer.

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Lauren poster pic

"I use Orion - one of the most powerful lasers in the world. It can deliver more than a million billion watts of power at a very small target." Lauren, laser physicist.

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Andy poster pic

"My background in physics and computing allowed me to quickly progress into a job as a VGX artist." Andy, VFX artist.

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Dan poster pic

"I have to understand the properties of light and use lots of equipment and technology to create the right effects." Dan, lighting designer.

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