Scottish Highers

Analysis of Scottish Higher entrants

What is this data?
This data in the links below provides an overview of Higher entrants in physics analysed against various parameters, including by gender and against comparable subjects.  Entrants are defined as the number of students completing a Higher in physics in a given year in Scotland. The data includes all students taking Highers in physics in each academic year. Data is available in whole or in part from 1986 onwards.

Highers have undergone a number of changes in the past 30 years and as such there have been a number of years with multiple courses in the same subject – for example in 2015 there were entrants for a Higher in physics, a Revised Higher in physics and a New Higher in physics. Figures used are totals, or based on totals, of entrants for that subject, unless noted otherwise. See notes on the datasets for more.

Where is this data from?
This data is published annually by the Scottish Qualifications Agency.

Higher physics entrants 2010-2018

Higher physics entrants by gender 2010-2018

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