Higher entrants in physics by gender 2010-2018

The number of female entrants to Higher physics has dropped in 2018 – but the proportion of female entrants as a total of all entrants has increased.

What does this data show? 

The number and proportion of female entrants to physics hit a 12-year high of 29.1% in 2013, but continued to fall until 2017. There has been a small rise in 2018 – 27.5% of entrants were female.

The proportion of female entrants for all higher subjects in 2018 was 55.6%. The average was 55.2% between 2001 and 2018.

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In 2018, the proportion of female entrants to biology was 66.4%, in chemistry it was 52.7% and in maths 48.3%. All three subjects have had consistently higher proportions of female entrants than physics. All of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics have seen increases in the proportion of female entries from 2017. However, in real numbers there has been a drop in entries from both genders.  

In chemistry, the proportion of female entrants rose in 2018 to 52.7%, the highest since at least 2001. Chemistry and mathematics have both maintained relatively stable year-on-year proportions of female entrants since 2010, with chemistry ranging from 49.0% to 52.7% and maths from 44.6% to 48.3%.

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