LGBT+ Physicists and Astronomers Network

The first meeting of the LGBT+ physicists’ and astronomers’ network took place in March 2016. This was an opportunity for members from both the IOP and RAS (Royal astronomical society) to share their thoughts about the support that professional membership organisations could offer and their experiences of current good practice with regard to successful LGBT+ networks in their places of work and study.

The current steering group for the network with representatives from, IOP, RAS, SEPNET and Stonewall as well as those that promoted and contributed to the initial meeting, are keen to take forward many of the suggested actions. Facilitating and helping to connect the LGBT+ physicist and astronomer community is a first step. More resources will be added to these pages throughout 2016 and 2017 but for the time being, we will continue to connect with other established STEMM LGBT+ networks and encourage those who have registered their interest to keep us updated on news and events that we can share with the network.

There is a form to register your interest in the network and receive updates, this is open to allies as well as those in STEMM beyond the fields of physics and astronomy, all we ask is that you indicate your field. Alternatively contact for more information.

LGBT and physicists and astronomers network sign up form