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It is the non-linear nature of maths that presents the major barriers in terms of accessibility as people who are print-impaired in any way or cannot read texts for long periods of time need access to assistive technologies and support that can recognise, read, manipulate and express symbols, letters and numbers.

Often, the lack of specialist expertise in this area is the major barrier, as generally those supporting disabled learners may have the technological savvy, but have no idea how it interacts with STEM subjects, and those with the STEM subject knowledge do not have sufficient knowledge of the underlying code in which to publish their maths, or the alternative options, software and technologies.

The Institute of Physics and the University of Bath have collaborated with others on a project to produce a new national online fully searchable wiki delivering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) accessibility information. The initial stage to build a core module for maths accessibility was funded by the Institute of Physics. The wiki is to enable staff and students with differing technical and STEM knowledge to communicate and collaborate more effectively through a fully searchable resource so that anybody needing information on maths technology and software can use it, regardless of their level of ability or expertise. It will enable disabled people and those supporting them to build on current good practice, rather than re-inventing existing materials, will enable practitioners to address barriers and better enable staff teaching STEM subjects to work with technical and specialist support staff to enable students’ learning in a timely and cost effective manner.

Visit the Stem Enable website to see the wiki.

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