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Elizabeth Johnson Memorial Lecture

A lecture in recognition of the outstanding contribution of Elizabeth (Betty) Johnson (1936-2003) to women in science.

Elizabeth Johnson

Betty was a highly respected physicist who was instrumental in establishing the Daphne Jackson Trust in 1992. The trust, based in Surrey, implements a fellowship scheme to enable a return to careers in science or engineering through updated knowledge and renewed professional skills.

Betty Johnson was awarded an MBE in 2002 in recognition of her services to people returning to careers in science, engineering and technology.

Elizabeth Johnson Memorial Lectures

Dr Jessamyn Fairfield, Trinity College Dublin: Electronics on the brain. Part of the IOP Summer Sessions 2016.

Professor Brian Collins: 'The role of the Departmental Chief Scientific Adviser - on being a critical friend' Presentation (PPT , 3.8 MB)

Mary Curnock Cook OBE, Chief Executive of UCAS. ‘Gender Maps in Education’ Presentation (PDF, 2 MB)

Dr Caroline Pontefract, Commonwealth Secretariat and Dr Sue Dale Tunnicliffe, Trustee of CASTME, the Commonwealth Association for Science, Technology and Maths Educators. ‘Commonwealth Secretariat's global plans for promoting science, engineering and maths and the importance of science education for pre-school children.’

Claire Curtis-Thomas MP: ‘Gordon Brown Administers: Translating science into government policy’.

Professor Jean-Patrick Connerade (President of Euroscience), the Lockyer Professor of Physics at Imperial College London: 'Can Science bring Europeans Together?’.

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