Current initiatives

Here you will find information on projects that are currently being undertaken by the Diversity Team and our partners.

In 2015 we plan to continue these initiatives and to work in the following areas:

  • Project Juno will continue to support and reward the hard work of university physics departments who are committed to promoting gender equality in physics higher education
  • The Diversity Team, in collaboration with the Higher Education team, will conduct research into the physics PhD experience in order to reveal if there is any training or support the Institute can provide to improve the experience of all students, and particularly increase the number of female students that continue on to a research career
  • The Diversity Team will continue to collaborate with the STEMM Disability Advisory Committee in order to break down any unnecessary barriers to the participation of disabled people in physics education and physics related careers
  • The Diversity Team will continue to develop and expand (to include further diversity strands) our monitoring across pre-19 education, further education, higher education and physics based careers, to ensure that our work is guided by a robust evidence base

Please contact us if you have expertise or experience that you would like to share or are interested in finding out more, please email