SKILL is a national charity promoting opportunities for young people and adults with any kind of impairment in post-16 education, training and employment.

Since 1974 they have been helping young people and adults over 16 years of age with any kind of impairment including physical and sensory disabilities, learning and mental health difficulties throughout the UK. They believe that for many disabled people education is the key to leading a fulfilling and independent life.

The main areas that SKILL work in are

  • Providing information and advice service for individual disabled people and the professionals who work with them
  • Informing and influencing key policy makers to improve legal rights and support for disabled people in post-16 education and training
  • Promoting best practice through membership, conferences, publications and consultancy
  • Providing staff training and advice for companies including how to meet the requirements of the Disability discrimination Act and the Disability Equality Duty
  • Conducting research and developing projects on education and disability issues to address gaps in provision and to take forward new ideas

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