IOP briefing notes

The Institute of Physics publishes a regular series of briefing notes explaining a topical issue related to one area of its activity.

These briefing notes are written by Institute of Physics staff and based on pre-existing IOP policy reports, specially commissioned analyses, official government statistics and interviews with leading experts. They are approved by the Institute’s President on behalf of its members.


 Physics and: teacher support (PDF, 457 KB)
August 2013
Physics and: development Physics and: development
May 2013
Physics and: diversity profiles
December 2012
'Mind the Gap' notice on a tube station platform
Physics and: the 2012 games (PDF, 275 KB)
June 2012
Picture of an environmentally friendly car engine
Physics and: the 2012 budget (PDF, 227 KB)
March 2012
Physics and: its advantages (PDF, 332 KB)
July 2011
Physics and economic growth
Physics and: economic growth (PDF, 200 KB)
March 2011
Physics and: digital security (PDF, 337 KB)
February 2011
Physics and: the migrant cap(PDF, 164 KB)
December 2010
Physics and: teacher numbers (PDF, 200 KB)
September 2010
Physics and: pre-19 education (PDF, 444 KB)
July 2010
Credit: SELEX Galileo
Physics and: the UK economy (PDF, 694 KB)
February 2010

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