Council news

24 July 2015

IOP’s Council met on 9 July at 41 Portland Place in London.

Council reviewed the latest developments with the Institute’s new home in King’s Cross, noting that the planning consent in outline was granted in February, and the Section 106 agreement, required to grant full planning consent, would be finalised in the summer. At present the current timeline for completion of the build remains likely to be the end of 2016.

Council discussed the findings of a high level review of the Institute’s programme of awards and recognition. After discussing the research and detailed analysis that had been carried out, Council requested a more detailed set of proposals for review at its next meeting, setting out how the Institute might develop a more balanced awards portfolio over the next few years.

As part of the “society” theme in the Institute’s new strategy, Council discussed and approved a plan for public engagement activity that aims to widen participation in, and enjoyment of, physics by building science capital and showcasing the value of physics to society. Council noted in particular the importance of increasing impact across the UK and Ireland, encouraging branch activities in public engagement, and targeting activities towards local needs.

A standing item each summer for Council is to review the terms of reference and memberships of its committees. A number of appointments were approved, with others delegated to senior officers and committee chairs. Council also approved appointments to the boards of its subsidiary companies IOP Publishing Ltd and IOP Enterprises Ltd.

Negotiations with the Institute’s Defined Benefits (DB) pension scheme trustees have now been concluded and, following consultation with members, Council noted that the DB scheme has now been formally closed to future accruals.

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