Council news

9 December 2014

The IOP’s Council met on 27 November at Portland Place in London.

Following a wide programme of consultation with members and stakeholders, which began in the summer of last year, Council approved the Institute’s new five-year strategy for 2015-19. The strategy’s key themes have already been signposted in a speech given by the IOP’s president, Frances Saunders, at the Awards Dinner in October, but the strategy will be formally launched in January.

Council reviewed the business plan for 2015-19, which will support the new strategy and ensure that the Institute achieves high impact not only through its own work, but by building strong partnerships with other organisations. At the same time Council approved the Institute’s budget for 2015.

A sizeable portion of the meeting was taken up with a wide-ranging review of the Institute’s international activities. Council endorsed a number of overarching principles that emphasise the need to encourage and support members in countries outside the UK and Ireland to work together to promote physics, and the importance of promoting physics as a driver for change in the developing world and emerging economies.

Council discussed the latest developments with the Institute’s new home in King’s Cross. Final changes to the design of the building have been agreed and, following a final period of public consultation, it is hoped that the outcome of the planning application to Islington Council will be known in February.

Council endorsed a new investment and reserves policy that has been developed and approved by the Resources Committee. The new policy is stimulated by the Institute’s purchase of freehold property, which constitutes a significant long-term reserve and hence reduces dependence on the existing general investment fund.

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