A note on restructure at IOP HQ

31 July 2014

Members of staff have recently been involved in a restructure to ensure efficient and joined-up delivery of the Institute’s range of programmes and services.


Moving from a directorate-led structure, the new programme-led structure emboldens three front-line programmes: Science and Innovation, Education, and Diversity.

A new Programme Office has been created to support the work of these three front-line departments and ensure that the Institute has the greatest possible impact with its projects.

The front-line programmes will also be supported by a range of departments with responsibility for the Institute’s services and internal capability. This includes, for example, the Membership, Communications, Outreach and Engagement, International, HR and IT departments.

Prof. Paul Hardaker, chief executive of the Institute, said: “The new structure allows us to be more joined-up and harness our full range of strengths in all that we do for physics and to provide the highest level of service to our members.”

Accountable to the Institute’s Council, a team of directors that includes the chief executive, a new chief operating officer, the group directors of finance and HR, and the associate director of programmes, performance and policy, will form the Executive Board.

The Executive Board is to be supported by an Extended Leadership Team which is largely comprised of heads of departments.

For full details, including names of the new post-holders, please find an organigram here: http://www.iop.org/news/member/file_63679.pdf

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