Announcements August 2014

22 July 2014

Announcements August 2014

• A project called “What do research staff do next?” has been set up to investigate what happens to former university research staff who have moved into other sectors. Research staff who have moved out of higher education are being invited to take part in a survey about their careers by the organisers of the project, which is run by the charity Vitae in collaboration with the IOP and Naturejobs. An aim of the project is to identify the tipping points in people’s careers, and to understand why they decided to leave higher education research to pursue other career paths and how they achieved this. The survey is at

• The Wellcome Trust and the UK’s Department of Health have announced a new call for proposals for the Health Innovation Challenge Fund (HICF), a joint funding initiative that they run to accelerate the clinical application of projects that are well advanced in their development. They are inviting applications from investigators working in six areas including surgical technologies and repurposing of medicines and medical devices. The lead organisation for applications must be UK-based and carry out R&D in the UK. Full details and application forms are available from the HICF website. The deadline for preliminary applications is 15 September 2014.

• A conference on “Improving the Image of Physics” is being held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 2-3 October. IOP members and others with an interest in curriculum design, employability, public engagement or science communication are invited to attend and to share their own experiences as well as to listen to expert speakers. The meeting is the European Physical Society’s sixth Forum for Physics and Society. For further details and to register, visit

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