Council news

18 July 2013

The IOP’s Council met on 18 July at the offices of IOP Publishing in Bristol.

Once again, property issues were high on the agenda, and members were updated on progress with selling the existing leases at 76 to 80 Portland Place in central London. Council also heard that good progress was being made by delegated officers in the search for a new home for the Institute. It is hoped that the IOP will be in a position to make a formal announcement in October on the future HQ building.

As part of a wide-ranging review of staff pay and benefits currently underway, Council discussed in some detail issues relating to the Institute’s pension provision. A small group of senior officers was delegated to finalise these arrangements with support from the executive team.

Council reviewed work carried out so far by a sub-group of trustees to consider a range of planning scenarios for the next five years in light of the uncertainty about medium-term income. A framework for prioritising activities and projects has also been developed that will allow greater flexibility and resilience in responding to in-year changes in priorities and income. The planning assumptions were agreed, with further work to review individual projects to be completed by the senior officers and vice-presidents.

A proposal to establish further new branches outside the UK and Ireland, including one in Mumbai, was approved. An update to the policy submission process, which will improve the process by which the Institute responds to consultations, was also approved.

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