Mind-controlled robotic arm
Credit: Journal of Neural Engineering

Thumbs-up for mind-controlled robotic arm

17 December 2014

A paralysed woman who controlled a robotic arm using just her thoughts has taken another step towards restoring her natural movements by controlling the arm with a range of complex hand movements

The Theory of Everything
Credit: Universal Pictures

IOP hosts film preview for The Theory of Everything

15 December 2014

The IOP hosted a special preview screening of The Theory of Everything, the new film about Prof. Stephen Hawking’s first marriage, three weeks before its UK release

Comet landing
Credit: ESA ATG medialab

Comet landing named Physics World Breakthrough of the Year

12 December 2014

The first ever landing of a man-made probe onto a comet has been named Physics World Breakthrough of the Year for 2014

IOP workshop in Kenya

IOP workshop in Kenya focuses on entrepreneurship for east Africa

11 December 2014

A workshop in Kenya on entrepreneurial skills for scientists and engineers from east Africa was organised by the IOP on 3-7 December

Downing Street Christmas tree
Credit: Crown Copyright

Downing Street ceremony heralds the International Year of Light

10 December 2014

Switching on the lights on the Downing Street Christmas tree not only marked the festive season, but also signalled the lead-up to 2015, the International Year of Light (IYOL)

Prof. Andrea Cavalleri

Born Medal and Prize for 2015 goes to Prof. Andrea Cavalleri

10 December 2014

Prof. Andrea Cavalleri has been awarded the 2015 Born Medal and Prize of the IOP and the German Physical Society


Government commits to recruit physics teachers

8 December 2014

The Institute of Physics has welcomed news from 10 Downing Street, announced this morning (8 December), that the government has committed to training an additional 17,500 new maths and physics teachers over the next five years

Frances Saunders

In response to the autumn statement

3 December 2014

The IOP has welcomed Chancellor George Osborne’s support for science in his autumn statement delivered today, but reiterated the need for long-term investment

Andrew Miller MP

Minister urged to reconsider changes to A-level practical assessment

3 December 2014

A video letter calling for a rethink on practical work assessment in science A-levels has been sent to minister for school reform Nick Gibb by Andrew Miller MP, eliciting a response from the Science Community Representing Education (SCORE), in which the IOP is a partner


CO2 warming effects felt just a decade after being emitted

3 December 2014

It takes just 10 years for a single emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) to have its maximum warming effects on the Earth

Physics World cover

Physicists create new kind of pasta to explain mysterious, ring-shaped polymers

28 November 2014

Two physicists from the University of Warwick have taken to the kitchen to explain the complexity surrounding what they say is one of the last big mysteries in polymer physics

Baroness Neville-Rolfe

Innovation Award winners are celebrated at reception in parliament

28 November 2014

The IOP’s Innovation Award winners are “living representatives” of what can be done in physics and innovation, Baroness Neville-Rolfe said at a reception in Westminster to present the awards on 27 November

IOP hands baton of global physics union to Singapore
Credit: Nanyang Technological University

IOP hands baton of global physics union to Singapore

27 November 2014

The IOP has provided the secretariat of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) for the past six years but the responsibility is moving to Singapore from the end of this year

Claire Le Cras

Postgraduate wins Early Career Physics Communicator Award

27 November 2014

A PhD student who created a dance workshop based on the life cycle of a star has won this year’s Early Career Physics Communicator Award

IOP announces UK launch of the International Year of Light

IOP announces UK launch of the International Year of Light

27 November 2014

The UK launch of the International Year of Light (IYOL) will be held in London on 28 January 2015


Sweet-smelling breath to help diabetes diagnosis in children

26 November 2014

The potential to quickly diagnose children with type 1 diabetes before the onset of serious illness could be achieved using a simple, non-invasive breath test, according to new research published today

What makes the perfect song panel

IOP and ROH team up to probe the perfect song

25 November 2014

Professor Brian Cox hosted a panel discussion at the Royal Opera House (ROH) last night, 24 November, to explore the intersection of physics and music, and sound out opinions on what makes the perfect song

Philip Diamond

Philip Diamond is helping to forge a new future for the IOP

24 November 2014

Philip Diamond has seen the IOP evolve from something that had “the feel of a gentleman’s club” into a modern organisation, and wants to see it progress even further

RAP Case study Nov 2014

Disadvantaged groups deterred from physics are focus of IOP workshop

20 November 2014

Young people in England from groups with the lowest socio-economic status (SES) are far less likely than their peers to study and succeed in physics at A-level or physical sciences at university, but secondary schools can make a crucial difference, an audience convened by the IOP was told

Sun’s rotating ‘magnet’ pulls lightning towards UK

Sun’s rotating ‘magnet’ pulls lightning towards UK

19 November 2014

The Sun may be playing a part in the generation of lightning strikes on Earth by temporarily ‘bending’ the Earth’s magnetic field and allowing a shower of energetic particles to enter the upper atmosphere


Researchers calculate “hidden” emissions in traded meat

14 November 2014

An international team of researchers has, for the first time, estimated the amount of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) that countries release into the atmosphere when producing meat from livestock, and assigned the emissions to the countries where the meat is ultimately consumed

Prof. Pratibha Gai

Physicist describes seeing chemical reactions as they happen

14 November 2014

Research that allows chemical reactions to be observed in real time with an electron microscope was described by pioneering scientist Prof. Pratibha Gai at the IOP’s London centre on 12 November

Anne Glover
Credit: Friends of Europe

IOP responds to abolition of European CSA post

13 November 2014

The Institute of Physics has responded to the decision of the European Commission to abolish its post of chief scientific adviser


Twisted light waves sent across Vienna

12 November 2014

A group of researchers from Austria have sent twisted beams of light across the rooftops of Vienna

Sean Hartnoll

IOP members share in US prizes for fundamental physics

11 November 2014

IOP member Prof. Sean Hartnoll was presented with a New Horizons in Physics Prize at a gala event in Silicon Valley, California, on 9 November

Fabiola Gianotti
Credit: Cern

IOP welcomes Fabiola Gianotti as next director-general of CERN

5 November 2014

The IOP has welcomed the announcement that the next director-general of CERN will be Fabiola Gianotti – the first woman to be appointed to the role


In November’s issue of Physics World: The “valley of death” facing physics start-ups

3 November 2014

In this month’s issue of Physics World, James Dacey explores the ways in which physicists are bridging the “valley of death” to take their innovations from the lab into the commercial market News

European Science Foundation survives elimination vote

Thu, 11 Dec

Organization will be smaller and no longer fund pan-European research

Asteroids, not comets, gave Earth most of its water

Wed, 10 Dec

Rosetta scientists find surprisingly high levels of deuterium in comet

New technique nails distance to supermassive black hole

Tue, 09 Dec

Geometric method using active galactic nuclei could yield better cosmic rulers

Laser blast makes pure quantum dots

Mon, 08 Dec

Selenium nanoparticles could be used in solar cells and take on antibiotic resistance

Physicist nominated as US defence secretary

Fri, 05 Dec

Barack Obama has chosen Ashton Carter for key defence role