Physics World

In August’s Physics World: Overcoming the ‘Curie Complex’

3 August 2015

In this month’s issue of Physics World, French physicist Hélène Langevin-Joliot – the granddaughter of Marie Curie – talks to reporter Tushna Commissariat about the scientific legacy of her family, delves into what’s known as the "Curie complex" and gives her own tips for scientific success

Mario Hofmann

A cost-effective solution to tuned graphene production

30 July 2015

Graphene has been called the miracle material but the single-atomic layer material is still seeking its place in the materials world. Now a method to make ‘defective’ graphene could provide the answer

National Physical Laboratory joins IOP’s Project Juno
Credit: NPL

National Physical Laboratory is first company to join IOP’s Project Juno

28 July 2015

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has signed up to the IOP’s Project Juno initiative for addressing gender equality in the workplace

Tom Wagg
Credit: WASP

School student who discovered exoplanet sees a future in physics

27 July 2015

Discovering an exoplanet while on work experience at Keele University has greatly increased school student Tom Wagg’s interest in studying physics and astrophysics

New initiative for teacher development triples in size

New initiative for teacher development triples in size

23 July 2015

A further 10 schools have been awarded the status of SPN Link School with Adviser – providing the opportunity for these schools to lead on the professional development for teachers of physics in schools across their areas

Peter Higgs

Peter Higgs is awarded the Royal Society’s most prestigious prize

21 July 2015

Prof. Peter Higgs, an honorary fellow of the IOP, is to receive the Copley Medal – the Royal Society’s (RS’s) most prestigious award, while IOP honorary fellows Prof. Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Prof. Sir Christopher Llewellyn Smith are to receive Royal Medals

Polluting industrial chimney

Climate change statement urges government action

21 July 2015

A collection of scientific organisations including the IOP have released a statement on climate change, recognising that human activity is responsible and urging government action to tackle it

Three new members will join the IOP’s Council

Three new members will join the IOP’s Council

21 July 2015

Three new members will be joining the Institute’s Council in October, having been elected in a ballot of the IOP’s membership

Best Practice in Professional Development

Seven employers win IOP awards for Best Practice in Professional Development

13 July 2015

Seven organisations that employ physicists are to receive Best Practice in Professional Development Awards from the IOP


Awards for physics-based innovation across the UK

9 July 2015

Five companies receive Innovation Awards from the Institute of Physics (IOP) today, Thursday 9 July, to recognise the success that they have built on the application of physics

Nicola Blackwood MP

Outstanding innovation showcased in parliament

9 July 2015

The UK’s unique ecosystem of collaboration between universities and industry is delivering outstanding examples of innovation, but to go on doing so it must be nurtured, speakers told an audience at a parliamentary reception on 7 July organised by the IOP and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

University physics department becomes a gender equality champion

University physics department becomes a gender equality champion in IOP’s Project Juno

7 July 2015

The School of Physics and Astronomy at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is the latest university department to be awarded Champion status in the IOP’s Project Juno initiative for its commitment to gender equality News

Brown dwarf's powerful auroras shine bright

Fri, 31 Jul

Radio and optical emissions suggest that the sub-stellar objects behave more like planets than stars

Reservoir of ultracold atoms is filled continuously

Thu, 30 Jul

Device could lead to better quantum accelerometers

Stretchable graphene transistors inspired by kirigami

Wed, 29 Jul

Japanese art of paper cutting used to make micron-sized electronic and mechanical devices

Electron spins cross over in femtoseconds

Tue, 28 Jul

New measurements could lead to better spintronics

Pushy bacteria create their own superfluids

Mon, 27 Jul

Collective motion of bacterial swimming could power tiny motors