Ice skate

Measuring on ice: Researchers create “smart” ice skating blade

21 October 2014

An ice skating blade that informs figure skaters of the stresses they are imposing on their joints has been developed by a group of researchers in the US

Bob Boutland

Phillips Award for distinguished service to the IOP goes to Bob Boutland

21 October 2014

Bob Boutland was presented with the Phillips Award for distinguished service to the IOP at the Institute’s Awards Dinner on 15 October by the IOP’s president, Frances Saunders


Physicists sound warning to “nail beauty fanatics”

16 October 2014

The daily trimming of fingernails and toenails to make them more aesthetically pleasing could be detrimental and potentially lead to serious nail conditions


'Work with us', IOP president tells physics community in Awards Dinner speech

16 October 2014

The IOP needs the whole of the physics community to be involved as it launches a new drive to boost the impact of its work, the Institute's president, Frances Saunders, said in a speech at its annual Awards Dinner on 15 October

Professor Deborah Jin

Newton Lecture 2014: Professor Deborah Jin explains ultra-cold gases

15 October 2014

The lecture at the IOP’s London centre on 14 October was given by Prof. Jin in her capacity as the 2014 winner of the Isaac Newton Medal and Prize – the Institute’s highest accolade

Fruit fly

Fruit flies show ability to sniff out chemical hazards

14 October 2014

The ‘nose’ of the common fruit fly could soon be used to detect drugs and explosives thanks to new research that has revealed the fly’s impressive ability to sniff out a range of hazardous chemicals

Andrew Miller MP

Industry Forum focuses on science and technology

14 October 2014

It is “hugely important” that actual and potential science ministers are made to understand the needs of science and industry in the run-up to next year’s general election, Andrew Miller MP told a meeting of the Industry Forum held at the IOP’s London centre on 13 October

Red carpet

Three new honorary fellows of the IOP are named

13 October 2014

Three distinguished physicists are to be made honorary fellows of the Institute of Physics (IOP) on 15 October. The award – the highest honour that the IOP can bestow – will be conferred on the three at the IOP’s Awards Dinner in London

Two IOP members win Nobel Prizes
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Two IOP members win Nobel Prizes

9 October 2014

Two IOP members are among this year’s winners of the Nobel Prizes for Physics and Chemistry

Jon Butterworth

Jon Butterworth shares the excitement of the hunt for the Higgs boson

9 October 2014

Finding the Higgs boson at CERN involved an exciting chain of events and sharing it with the wider public through the media was also a journey of discovery, Prof. Jon Butterworth told an audience at the IOP’s London centre on 2 October


Nanoparticles give up forensic secrets

2 October 2014

A group of researchers from Switzerland has thrown light on the precise mechanisms responsible for the impressive ability of nanoparticles to detect fingermarks left at crime scenes


In October’s edition of Physics World: The wake-up call that sent hearts racing

1 October 2014

“But as the minutes ticked by, the relaxed attitude of many of us began to dissolve into apprehension. Our levels of adrenaline and worry began to rise. The room went silent, interspersed with only an occasional murmur, all faces fixed on a noisy, fuzzy line on our computer screens.”

Michael Bray

Finance director keeps a cautious eye on the Institute

29 September 2014

As the Institute’s group finance director, Michael Bray feels he is “the voice of reason” when advising on financial matters

IOP scholarships

Prospective teachers can apply for IOP scholarships of up to £25,000

25 September 2014

Scholarships worth up to £25,000 for prospective teachers of physics are being offered again this year through a partnership between the IOP and the Department for Education (DfE)

Round table

Five members to take up places on the IOP’s Council

17 September 2014

Five members who have been elected to the Institute’s Council will take up their places on 1 October 2014. They are Trevor Cross, Lisa Jardine-Wright, Kevin McGuigan, Angela Newing and Mark Wrigley

Brian Cox

Brian Cox to go into song at the Royal Opera House in campaign for the IOP

24 September 2014

Prof. Brian Cox will be asking “What makes the perfect song?” at an event resulting from a collaborative project between the Royal Opera House (ROH) and the IOP


Graphene sensor tracks down cancer biomarkers

19 September 2014

An ultrasensitive biosensor made from the wonder material graphene has been used to detect molecules that indicate an increased risk of developing cancer

Brian Cox cheers on the IOP’s fundraising campaign

Jim Al-Khalili interviews Brian Cox on Radio 4

22 September 2014

IOP Fellows discuss quantum theory, the multiverse and learning to be famous, on BBC Radio 4’s The Life Scientific this Tuesday, 23 September

Winners of the IOP’s Teachers of Physics awards

Winners of the IOP’s Teachers of Physics awards are announced

22 September 2014

Six outstanding teachers have been chosen to receive Teachers of Physics awards from the IOP. These will be presented at the Institute’s Awards Dinner on 15 October

Smart-material chinstrap

Smart-material chinstrap harvests energy from chewing

15 September 2014

A chinstrap that can harvest energy from jaw movements has been created by a group of researchers in Canada

Festival-goers in King’s Cross hear about plan for IOP’s new home

Festival-goers in King’s Cross hear about plan for IOP’s new home

10 September 2014

Physics buskers from the IOP took part in a street festival next to the site of the Institute’s new building in King’s Cross on 7 September

Gap in nuclear physics research

Gap in nuclear physics research identified by IOP is to be filled

19 September 2014

A new theory group for nuclear physics is to be set up at a UK university – a move proposed in the IOP’s 2012 report, A Review of Nuclear Physics Research

Alan Walker

Scottish school students receive Higgs Prizes from the IOP

10 September 2014

Young people from across Scotland who have won the IOP’s Higgs Prize were presented with their awards in a ceremony at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 9 September

Prof. Dame Julia Slingo

Met Office chief scientist opens up climate modelling

8 September 2014

Climate modelling is based on the fundamental laws of physics and has improved immensely over the last few decades, the Met Office’s chief scientific adviser, Prof. Dame Julia Slingo, told a lecture audience at the IOP

IOP celebrates its Teacher Training Scholars

IOP celebrates its Teacher Training Scholars

8 September 2014

A reception including afternoon tea at the Glaziers Hall, London Bridge, and a welcome from the National College for Teaching and Leadership’s chief executive, Charlie Taylor, was held for people starting this autumn as IOP Teacher Training Scholars

September’s issue of Physics World

In September’s Physics World: Scientists get set for simulated nuclear inspection

29 August 2014

Some 40 scientists and technicians from around the world will descend on Jordan in November to take part in a simulated on-site inspection of a suspected nuclear test site on the banks of the Dead Sea News

Critics attack new 10-year US fusion plan

Tue, 21 Oct

Report "lacks vision" and fails to address real problems, say researchers

Fermilab’s NOvA neutrino experiment kicks off

Mon, 20 Oct

Five-year-long construction of giant US neutrino experiment complete

Tabletop experiment could detect gravitational waves

Fri, 17 Oct

Tiny device could beat LIGO to detecting ripples in space–time, say physicists

Retrial granted for jailed Iranian physicist

Thu, 16 Oct

Supreme Court overturns initial verdict for Omid Kokabee

Black-hole analogue works like a laser

Wed, 15 Oct

Sound is amplified between two "event horizons" in a Bose-Einstein condensate