Houses of Parliament

IOP to speak up for science as new government takes key decisions

28 May 2015

The IOP will be at work making the case for science as the new government makes important decisions on funding and policy issues following the State Opening of Parliament and Queen’s Speech on 27 May

Public lecture series

Particle physics talk engages an open-air audience in new venture for the IOP

28 May 2015

CERN scientist Professor Tara Shears engaged an open-air audience with particle physics in a busy quarter of London’s King’s Cross on 27 May, drawing in passers-by as well as more than 200 participants who were seated to hear her speak

3D printing technique

3D printing technique explored to help treat type 1 diabetes

28 May 2015

Researchers from the Netherlands have explored how 3D printing can be used to help treat type 1 diabetes in results presented today, Thursday 28 May, in IOP Publishing’s journal Biofabrication


IOP grants aim to boost research into pedagogy in higher education

26 May 2015

A grant scheme to stimulate research into university-level physics education has been launched by the Institute of Physics (IOP)

Emma Chapman

Culture for PhD students must change, says report by IOP and Royal Astronomical Society

21 May 2015

The culture surrounding PhD studentships urgently needs to change if all postgraduates are to enjoy their studies and be prepared for life after a doctorate, an audience at the launch of a report on their experiences heard


Students apply physics to football at the Emirates Stadium

20 May 2015

Students from four schools took part in a day of physics and football at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on 15 May as the finale of an eight-week programme to engage students with science by applying it to soccer

Charles Tracy

Charles Tracy helps the IOP to champion physics education

20 May 2015

As the Institute’s head of education, Charles Tracy enjoys his work and it’s a job for which it’s “easy to get out of bed in the morning”, he says

Robotic arm
Credit: Tommaso Ranzani

Octopus arm inspires future surgical tool

13 May 2015

A robotic arm that can bend, stretch and squeeze through cluttered environments has been created by a group of researchers from Italy


Institute of Physics commends Ofsted’s stride towards gender equity

13 May 2015

Following Ofsted's publication on Tuesday 12 May of the numbers and proportions of girls and boys studying A level subjects in England, the Institute of Physics has issued a statement

Julia Higgins

Dame Julia Higgins to be the IOP's next president-elect

13 May 2015

Polymer scientist Prof. Dame Julia Higgins is to be the Institute’s next president-elect, taking up the role on 1 October 2015


Institute of Physics welcomes new science minister

12 May 2015

The Institute of Physics has welcomed the appointments of Joseph Johnson MP as the new minister for universities and science, Sajid Javid MP as the secretary of state for business, innovation and skills, Amber Rudd MP as the new secretary of state for energy and climate change, and the reappointment of Nicky Morgan MP as secretary of state for education

IOP members become fellows of the Royal Society

Three IOP members become fellows of the Royal Society

6 May 2015

Three members of the Institute of Physics (IOP) were made fellows of the Royal Society (RS) in its annual election on 1 May


In this month’s edition of Physics World: Dark-matter labs become subterranean centres for science

1 May 2015

Deep beneath our feet, below mountains and mine shafts, a scientific transformation is taking place


England set for “substantial increase” in record-breaking warm years

1 May 2015

The likelihood of record-breaking warms years in England is set to substantially increase as a result of the human influence on the climate, new research suggests

Credit: University of Manchester

IOP welcomes decision to site SKA centre at Jodrell Bank

30 April 2015

The Institute has welcomed the announcement that Jodrell Bank in Cheshire is the preferred site to base the headquarters of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope


New Lab in a Lorry tour is set to visit three counties

30 April 2015

Lab in a Lorry (LIAL), the Institute’s mobile science lab for young people, will be on tour in Yorkshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire during a period of just over two weeks in May

women in optics

London and Dublin workshops focus on women in optics and photonics

30 April 2015

A workshop to encourage women to take up careers in optics and photonics and to support those already working in the field was held at the City University London on 16 April

Tara Shears
Credit: University of Liverpool

CERN scientist to court outdoor audience with news from the LHC

28 April 2015

An open-air audience, passers-by and interested onlookers will be exposed to the latest news from CERN when physicist Prof. Tara Shears gives a talk at a popular outdoor site in the heart of London on 27 May

Salford students win IOP’s first North West Undergraduate Challenge

Salford students win IOP’s first North West Undergraduate Challenge

24 April 2015

Students from the University of Salford built a cheap and efficient electric motor to win the Institute’s first North West Undergraduate Challenge, beating teams from across the North West to the prize

Isabelle Ledoux-Rak

Holweck Medal is awarded to Isabelle Ledoux-Rak

23 April 2015

Professor Isabelle Ledoux-Rak is to receive this year’s Holweck Medal and Prize, which is awarded jointly by the Institute of Physics (IOP) and the French Physical Society


In this month’s edition of Physics World: Amazing physics demos to keep practical science alive

1 April 2015

With school students in England bracing themselves for new-style GCSE science exams that are based entirely on written tests, Physics World has teamed up with Neil Downie to put together five amazing physics demonstrations that highlight the value and importance of keeping experimentation at the centre of the science classroom


Physicists shed light on mysterious tongue condition

1 April 2015

Physicists from Israel have shed light on the intricate dynamics underpinning a mysterious tongue condition that has been puzzling the medical community for decades

Rosse Medal

Rosse Medal goes to postgraduate Aimee Stapleton at Ireland Spring Meeting

30 March 2015

Postgraduate student Aimee Stapleton was awarded the Rosse Medal at the annual IOP in Ireland Spring Meeting – a key part of the event held in Cork on 28 March

Morphing wings

Morphing wings help drones manage collisions

30 March 2015

Researchers in the US have taken inspiration from nature to create a robotic wing that can recover from mid-air collisions

Spire of Dublin goes green to mark International Year of Light in Ireland

Spire of Dublin goes green to mark International Year of Light in Ireland

27 March 2015

The landmark Spire of Dublin was lit up green in the city on 13 March in celebration of the launch of the International Year of Light in the Republic of Ireland and to mark the opening of the St Patrick’s Festival the following day

Five schools are styled “SPN Link School with Adviser” in new teacher CPD move

Five schools are styled 'SPN Link School with Adviser' in new teacher CPD move

27 March 2015

A new model for teacher development is being launched within the Stimulating Physics Network (SPN) as five schools have been designated as “SPN Link School with Adviser” for their localities

Improving gender balance event focuses on solutions

Improving gender balance event focuses on solutions

27 March 2015

Helping girls to handle failure, tackling unconscious bias and discovering what educational research says about gender were all explored at the Improving Gender Balance 2015 conference on 20-21 March for people involved in the IOP’s girls in physics projects


IOP launches new five-year strategy

26 February 2015

The IOP has published a document setting out the direction it will take over the next five years News

Go-ahead for protest-hit Thirty Meter Telescope, but with fewer future sites on Mauna Kea

Thu, 28 May

A quarter of existing facilities to be decommissioned before new telescope is operational

Nascent 'Kuiper belt' seen encircling nearby star

Wed, 27 May

Discovery could help us understand how the early solar system evolved

Do atoms going through a double slit ‘know’ if they are being observed?

Tue, 26 May

Wheeler's "delayed choice" gedanken done with single helium atom

New maze-like beamsplitter is world's smallest

Mon, 25 May

Device could be used for "light-speed" photonic computing

Nanomachine pumps molecules 'uphill'

Fri, 22 May

New molecular machine is inspired by those found in nature