Maori performers at the launch event for the International Year of Light
Credit: SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics

International Year of Light is launched in Paris

21 January 2015

The globally-themed opening ceremony for the International Year of Light (IYOL) in Paris this week featured everything from a performance by Maori dancers to talks by Nobel laureates and speakers from international bodies with an interest in light

Credit: GIPhotoStock / Science Photo Library

Enjoy 10 great Physics World articles on light

19 January 2015

Today marks the official launch of the International Year of Light (IYL 2015), with a two-day grand opening ceremony taking place at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris

Smart shoe

Smart shoe devices capture the power of walking

15 January 2015

Researchers in Germany have taken a significant step towards harnessing the energy that is generated through walking by engineering two separate devices that can generate power from specific aspects of the human walking gait

Shauna Murphy and Coimhe Cronin with Paul Hardaker

IOP Physics Prize awarded at BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

14 January 2015

IOP chief executive Prof. Paul Hardaker presented the Institute of Physics’ prize for the best project in the physical sciences section of the 2015 BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition held in Dublin on 9 January

Gold rush

“Gold rush” threatens tropical forests in South America

14 January 2015

A global “gold rush” has led to a significant increase of deforestation in the tropical forests of South America

Prof. Mike Lockwood

Gold Medal of Royal Astronomical Society goes to Prof. Mike Lockwood

12 January 2015

IOP fellow Prof. Mike Lockwood has been awarded the Gold Medal in Geophysics of the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS)

Prof. Timothy Palmer

IOP members receive New Year Honours

2 January 2015

Prof. Timothy Palmer, a fellow of the IOP, has been made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the New Year Honours

Innovation Awards

The science and innovation strategy and the REF

22 December 2014

With the publication of the government’s science and innovation strategy, Our plan for growth: science and innovation, on 17 December and the publication of the Research Excellence Framework on 18 December, the Institute of Physics offers comment

IOP welcomes funding for science programmes

IOP welcomes funding for science programmes but calls for long-term investment

22 December 2014

The IOP has welcomed the government’s commitment to a £200m institute for materials research, a leading role for the UK in the ExoMars programme and new access to loans for master’s students, but underlined the need for more long-term investment

Mind-controlled robotic arm
Credit: Journal of Neural Engineering

Thumbs-up for mind-controlled robotic arm

17 December 2014

A paralysed woman who controlled a robotic arm using just her thoughts has taken another step towards restoring her natural movements by controlling the arm with a range of complex hand movements

The Theory of Everything
Credit: Universal Pictures

IOP hosts film preview for The Theory of Everything

15 December 2014

The IOP hosted a special preview screening of The Theory of Everything, the new film about Prof. Stephen Hawking’s first marriage, three weeks before its UK release

Comet landing
Credit: ESA ATG medialab

Comet landing named Physics World Breakthrough of the Year

12 December 2014

The first ever landing of a man-made probe onto a comet has been named Physics World Breakthrough of the Year for 2014

IOP workshop in Kenya

IOP workshop in Kenya focuses on entrepreneurship for east Africa

11 December 2014

A workshop in Kenya on entrepreneurial skills for scientists and engineers from east Africa was organised by the IOP on 3-7 December

Downing Street Christmas tree
Credit: Crown Copyright

Downing Street ceremony heralds the International Year of Light

10 December 2014

Switching on the lights on the Downing Street Christmas tree not only marked the festive season, but also signalled the lead-up to 2015, the International Year of Light (IYOL)

Prof. Andrea Cavalleri

Born Medal and Prize for 2015 goes to Prof. Andrea Cavalleri

10 December 2014

Prof. Andrea Cavalleri has been awarded the 2015 Born Medal and Prize of the IOP and the German Physical Society


Government commits to recruit physics teachers

8 December 2014

The Institute of Physics has welcomed news from 10 Downing Street, announced this morning (8 December), that the government has committed to training an additional 17,500 new maths and physics teachers over the next five years

Frances Saunders

In response to the autumn statement

3 December 2014

The IOP has welcomed Chancellor George Osborne’s support for science in his autumn statement delivered today, but reiterated the need for long-term investment

Andrew Miller MP

Minister urged to reconsider changes to A-level practical assessment

3 December 2014

A video letter calling for a rethink on practical work assessment in science A-levels has been sent to minister for school reform Nick Gibb by Andrew Miller MP, eliciting a response from the Science Community Representing Education (SCORE), in which the IOP is a partner


CO2 warming effects felt just a decade after being emitted

3 December 2014

It takes just 10 years for a single emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) to have its maximum warming effects on the Earth

Physics World cover

Physicists create new kind of pasta to explain mysterious, ring-shaped polymers

28 November 2014

Two physicists from the University of Warwick have taken to the kitchen to explain the complexity surrounding what they say is one of the last big mysteries in polymer physics News

Rosetta data deluge reveals dynamic comet with sand dunes and jets

Fri, 23 Jan

Measurements show 67P differs from previously studied comets in same class

Structured photons slow down in a vacuum

Thu, 22 Jan

Speed of light drops slightly when photons are shaped by a mask

Cellular model of tissue growth could shed light on metastasis

Wed, 21 Jan

Physicists model how cells push and pull one another

Magnetic levitation spins up waxy 'tektites' in the lab

Tue, 20 Jan

Natural glass formed in extraterrestrial impacts recreated using wax

Women shun fields that are perceived to require 'innate ability'

Mon, 19 Jan

New survey casts light on gender imbalance in physics