Physics World celebrates 30th anniversary with special issue

5 October 2018

We’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of Physics World this week, with IOP Publishing releasing a special anniversary issue to mark the magazine’s launch by the Institute of Physics in 1988.

Physics World celebrates 30th anniversary with special issue

Included in the issue are a look back at how some of the big news stories in physics from 30 years ago have moved on (Back to the future by Michael Banks) and an interview with our President, Professor Dame Julia Higgins by Physics World editor Matin Durrani.

These features are already available online, and look out for further articles at throughout this month, including a piece on learned societies by our Chief Executive, Professor Paul Hardaker.

The anniversary issue is the biggest ever, with 112 pages of news, features and regular columns as well as articles that examine what was going on in physics 30 years ago, explore how those fields have changed and consider where they might go next. Among the topics are research into gravitational waves, which was just gearing up in 1988; the triumphs and frustrations in particle physics over the last 30 years; optics and laser technology, which has since revolutionised daily life; and practical fusion energy, which still appears to be 30 years away.

From 1 October the print version of Physics World was sent out to IOP members, who also have privileged access online.

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