May’s issue of Physics World: cosmic simulations, the best and worst of nanoparticles, and the twisted future of skyrmions

3 May 2017

Einstein’s equations of general relativity might fit on your favourite coffee mug, but solving them takes quite a bit longer than your 15-minute break.

Physics World May 2017 issue

Now, though, those equations have been solved in a cosmological context for the first time.

Tom Giblin, James Mertens and Glenn Starkman explain in the May 2017 issue of Physics World magazine how increases in computing power and techniques adapted from fluid mechanics are now allowing physicists to run simulations of the entire universe.

Also in this month’s issue:

  • China forges ahead with Moon missions – With China about to send the first ever craft to the far side of the Moon, the country is quickly becoming a global leader in lunar exploration, as Ling Xin reports
  • Dealing with the demand for teachers – Allison Barrett says that more physicists need to pass on their passion for physics by going into teaching
  • Little things that matter – Sidney Perkowitz explores the good and the bad of nanoparticles, from their positive medical applications such as photo-activated drug delivery, to their negative health and environmental effects
  • Skyrmions: a twisted future – Kirsten von Bergmann and André Kubetzka explain the nature of a type of quasiparticle known as a magnetic skyrmion, which looks promising as a bit for future data-storage technology
  • How to become an edupreneur – Setting up shop as a science communicator after getting your degree in physics is a tempting offer, especially for those who are interested in creating educational outreach materials, as Alaina G Levine finds out

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