IOP stresses need to stamp out sexual harassment in universities

14 March 2017

The IOP’s chief executive, Professor Paul Hardaker, has today made a statement about dealing with the issue of sexual harassment in universities.

IOP stresses need to stamp out sexual harassment in universities

Hardaker said: “Recent reports in the media have raised concerns again about the levels of sexual harassment in our universities. No one would disagree with how important it is for the STEM community to take positive action to stamp this out wherever and whenever it occurs.

“As the learned society and professional body for physics we are playing our part to make sure the environment in which physics is studied or practised in the workplace is free from discrimination and harassment, and open to everyone. Physics offers exciting careers and everyone should have the opportunity to follow their interests in a supportive, fulfilling and engaging way.

“For our part, we want to encourage openness and debate on this issue. We are reviewing our members’ code of conduct and other related policies to ensure these remain a benchmark for high standards of professional behaviour and inclusiveness.

“In support of this we will be introducing, in 2017, a new principle within our Juno programme such that all physics departments and physics-based businesses who are committed to the Juno standard are also committed to these high standards. We are very pleased with the support and commitment we have had from across our community to help in putting this in place.”

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