Budget shows government’s confidence in UK research, says IOP

8 March 2017

The Institute of Physics has responded to today’s budget statement by the chancellor, Philip Hammond (pictured), welcoming the government’s trust in UK research and its plans to develop technical education through introducing T-levels.

Budget shows government’s confidence in UK research, says IOP
Harland Quarrington/MOD

Professor Paul Hardaker, chief executive of the IOP, said: “This statement provided further evidence of the confidence that the government has in the strength of our world-leading research base. The £270 m to accelerate the development of disruptive technologies such as batteries to power electric vehicles, as well as the commitment to fund 1,000 new PhDs in STEM subjects, recognise the transformative power of research in creating jobs, economic growth and improved health and wellbeing.

“Our success in this is determined by the support and development we give to our researchers at our research establishments, in industry or in academia, wherever in the world they come from. This is key for the UK to remain the place to be for world-class science.

“This statement also appears to mark something of a watershed moment for technical education in the UK. We wholeheartedly support the strong commitment being given to the development of technical training routes, through the introduction of T-levels, and we look forward to working with the government to ensure that the courses align successfully with physics-based occupations to support our young people.

“The study of physics can open up a wide range of opportunities whatever route our young people take through the education system – whether, for example, in medical technology, broadcast engineering or modelling logistics – and T-levels give us an opportunity to ensure that we are making best use of all our talents and skills.”

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