IOP celebrates global day for women in STEM with profiles on social media

13 February 2017

The IOP celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 11 February on social media by posting profiles of 20 female physicists currently working in STEM to highlight the diverse roles occupied by women in science.

IOP celebrates global day for women in STEM with profiles on social media

Among the women highlighted by the IOP were Dr Heather Williams, a senior medical physicist and chair of the IOP’s Women in Physics Group, Dr Ceri Brenner, a senior scientist at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Wendy Sadler, director of Science Made Simple and Dr Jessamyn Fairfield, a lecturer at NUI Galway who gave one of the IOP’s Summer Sessions lectures last year.

The female physicists also included postdoc Dr Jess Wade, winner last year of the IOP’s Early Career Communicator Award and of its Jocelyn Bell Burnell Medal and Prize and particle physicist Professor Tara Shears, who gave the IOP’s first open-air public lecture in King’s Cross. The women highlighted were undergraduates, PhD students, postdocs and readers from a range of physics research fields, as well as engineers whose background was in physics.

The IOP’s media officer, Philippa Skett, said: “Showcasing women working in physics is part of our ongoing commitment to challenge stereotypes people may hold about the subject, and also to provide inspiration to others thinking about pursuing a career or studying physics further.

“It was encouraging to see so many more people online celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, but it is important that the conversation about addressing the gender inequality in STEM is not confined to one day. Hopefully the activity online during our campaign will provide a catalyst or inspiration for others to think about how they can help increase the inclusivity and accessibility of STEM for women and other under-represented groups.”

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