IOP welcomes a rise in the number of trainee physics teachers this year

24 November 2016

The IOP has welcomed an increase in the number of people choosing to train as physics teachers in England this year, following the release of figures today by the Department for Education (DfE).

IOP welcomes a rise in the number of trainee physics teachers this year

These show that 851 graduates have been accepted onto initial teacher training courses specialising in physics for 2016/7 – 105 more than last year. For comparison, only 224 graduates enrolled in such courses in 1999, less than a third of today’s figure.

The IOP’s head of education, Charles Tracy, said: “We believe that all school students have the right to a high quality physics education, and it is specialist physics teachers that make this possible.

“The projects we oversee here at the IOP contribute to increasing the number of such teachers and in supporting them through their training.

“The government has set an ambitious recruitment target and it is gratifying to note that the number of graduates training this year is the third highest ever. We must now work to retain these recruits and continue to provide more children with an excellent experience of physics.”

The IOP offered 150 Teacher Training Scholarships in the last academic year, with each successful applicant receiving £30,000 tax-free funding, sourced from the DfE, to support them during their training.

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