Harrie Massey Medal and Prize goes to Professor Raymond Volkas

22 December 2016

Theoretical particle physicist Professor Raymond Volkas has received the 2016 Harrie Massey Medal and Prize, which is awarded jointly by the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) and the IOP.

Harrie Massey Medal and Prize goes to Professor Raymond Volkas
University of Melbourne

Volkas, who is head of physics at the University of Melbourne, received the award “for his seminal contributions over approximately 30 years to many areas of ‘physics beyond the standard model’, the field that seeks to uncover new particles and forces, in particular his work on sterile neutrinos, mirror and asymmetric dark matter and the origin of neutrino mass”, his citation says. It goes on to say: “His work is characterised by a high degree of creativity, leading to pioneering works that presage subsequent developments.”

He has also made seminal contributions to early-universe cosmology and high-energy astrophysics and has been a sought-after speaker and broadcaster.

The IOP’s president, Professor Roy Sambles, presented the award to Volkas on 7 December at the conference dinner of the Asia Pacific Physics Conference in Brisbane, Australia. Volkas was also recognised as the winner of the prize at the IOP’s Awards Dinner in London on 29 November.

The Harrie Massey Medal and Prize is awarded every two years “for contributions to physics or its applications” and is normally given to a scientist who has now or in the past had an association with Australia or physics in Australia. The IOP selects the winner from a list of nominees submitted by the AIP, which co-ordinates the nominations.

A list of previous medallists can be viewed online.

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