IOP awards prize at Young Scientists Tanzania competition

26 August 2016

A project on using a bimetallic strip to detect heat won the IOP's Special Award for Physics at the Young Scientists Tanzania (YST) competition held in Dar es Salaam in August.

IOP awards prize at Young Scientists Tanzania competition

The project, by Gwakisa Gwakabale and Happiness Katani from Misunkumilo Secondary School, was one of numerous entries for the award, which was sponsored by the IOP. The overall winners of the competition, now in its fifth year, were Nadhra Mresa and Diana Sosoka from Mtwara Girls Secondary School, Mtwara.

The prize for the Special Award was presented by Dr Najat Mohammed (pictured with Gwakabale and Katani), who is head of physics at the University of Dar es Salaam and who jointly organised an entrepreneurship workshop with the IOP in July. The prize included $6,000 for the winners’ school for its physics department to invest in new equipment and materials.

Hundreds of young people and teachers from across Tanzania attended the YST competition and exhibition, along with visitors including representatives of the Tanzanian government.

The IOP’s head of international, Tajinder Panesor, said: “We were delighted to sponsor this award for the competition, which has inspired children from across Tanzania to be involved in scientific projects and is growing year by year. Tanzania continues to be of interest to us in the IOP as part of our capacity-building programme in low- and middle-income countries.”

YST is sponsored by the government of Ireland’s Irish Aid programme and BG Tanzania. The inspiration and model for YST was Ireland’s annual BT Young Scientist and Technology exhibition.

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