Christian Pfleiderer is awarded the Born Medal and Prize

23 November 2015

Solid state physicist Professor Christian Pfleiderer has been awarded the 2016 Born Medal and Prize of the Institute of Physics and the German Physical Society.

Christian Pfleiderer

The award is made jointly by the two organisations and is given for outstanding contributions to physics. Pfleiderer is to receive the award for “the discovery of skyrmion lattices in chiral magnets and their manipulation by electric currents”, his citation says.

Pfleiderer holds the chair in the topology of correlated systems at the Technische Universität München in Garching, Germany. His citation notes that skyrmions “provide new perspectives for the study of topological magnetic phases, for emergent electromagnetic fields, for the coupling of electric currents and magnetism and for applications in the field of spintronics” and says that he has initiated a new research field that is now intensively engaged with by research groups worldwide.

He will be presented with the medal and the prize of €3000 and a certificate at the IOP’s Awards Dinner in 2016. The award was instituted in 1972 to commemorate Max Born, who died in 1970. It is given in even-dated years to a physicist based in Germany and presented in the UK or Ireland, and in odd-dated years to a physicist based in the UK or Ireland and presented in Germany.

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