Research led by Takaaki Kajita shares in Breakthrough Prize

12 November 2015

Nobel Prize winner and IOP fellow Professor Takaaki Kajita heads one of five experiments to share in the $3 m Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for 2016, which was announced in Mountain View, California, on 8 November.

Takaaki Kajita

He and Professor Yoichiro Suzuki accepted the share of the prize awarded to the Super-Kamiokande experiment in Japan. All five winning teams investigate neutrino oscillations, and include a team at Sudbury Neutrino Observatory in Canada headed by Professor Arthur B McDonald, with whom Kajita shared the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics.

The work of seven leaders and 1,370 members of experiments was recognised in the award. A total of $22 m for physics, life sciences and mathematics was awarded in the Breakthrough Prizes, which are now in their third year.

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