National Physical Laboratory is first company to join IOP’s Project Juno

28 July 2015

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has signed up to the IOP’s Project Juno initiative for addressing gender equality in the workplace – the first body outside the university sector to do so since the initiative began in 2007.

National Physical Laboratory joins IOP’s Project Juno
Credit: NPL

Project Juno aims to address the issue of under-representation of women in physics and to improve the working culture for all staff within an organisation. On joining the initiative, the first stage is to be a Supporter, which means endorsing Project Juno’s five principles and making a commitment to work towards becoming a Practitioner and then a Champion.

The aim of the Juno principles is to improve the culture for all staff in a workplace, covering such issues as flexible working arrangements, childcare provision and transparency in how the organisation is structured.

Until now, all the participants have been university physics or physics-related departments, with a total of 46 being involved at some level.

The IOP’s head of diversity, Jenni Dyer, said: “The IOP is absolutely delighted to welcome NPL to the Juno community as the very first company supporter. NPL joins 20 other Juno Supporters working to become Practitioners and Champions.

“NPL intends to use Juno as a framework for promoting gender equality within its organisation and we’re delighted that it is taking this step and committing to working to the principles. We’re hoping that this will encourage more organisations who employ physicists to also become Supporters and use Juno as a way of engaging with gender equality in physics.”

Sally Williams, head of resourcing at NPL and member of NPL's Diversity Task Force, said: “Joining the IOP's Project Juno initiative is an important step in addressing gender equality at NPL. We will continue our commitment to this cause and hope to become a Juno Practitioner and then Champion in the near future.”

See more details on Project Juno.

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