Climate change statement urges government action

21 July 2015

A collection of scientific organisations including the IOP have released a statement on climate change, recognising that human activity is responsible and urging government action to tackle it.

Polluting industrial chimney

Ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference, set to start in November, the statement warns that limiting global warming to 2°C will require a transition to a net zero-carbon world by early in the second half of this century, and calls on governments to embrace policy and technological responses.

The statement is a collaborative effort between 24 organisations including the Royal Society, Royal Meteorological Society and Royal Society of Chemistry, with input from other expert organisations including the Met Office and the British Antarctic Survey.

The Institute’s President, Frances Saunders, said: “The scientific evidence that climate change is real, and that it’s caused by human action, is compelling. If we’re to limit its effects then we have to act sooner rather than later.”

Emphasising the role of physics, she added: “Physics is not only central to understanding the climate: it will also be fundamental to mitigating its effect and transitioning to low-carbon technologies.”

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