New home for physicists receives planning permission

6 February 2015

The Institute of Physics’ (IOP) plans for the redevelopment of 2-8 Balfe Street and 35-45 Caledonian Road were approved last night, Thursday 5 February, at a meeting of Islington Council’s Planning Committee, subject to agreement on the IOP’s obligations to the borough.

Kings Cross

The redevelopment will result in the creation of a major venue for education, science, business innovation and evidence-based policy-making and will be an active hub for the IOP’s 50,000 physicist members.

The IOP has a strong commitment to outreach and the new building will help engage the general public and develop awareness and understanding of the value of physics through a range of activities, including a full programme of exhibitions and public lectures.

The redevelopment of the plot includes a roof extension which has raised some concerns around conservation, however the Islington Councillors agreed that the economical, educational and engagement value that the IOP brings outweighs this.

Professor Paul Hardaker, Chief Executive of the Institute of Physics, said, “We’re looking forward to working with Islington Council to draw up details of our commitment to local schools, businesses and the community.  I’m delighted that the councillors are enthused about the value that we’re going to bring to the area and I’m excited about the opportunities that such a partnership will bring.”

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