Financial Times dedicates Weekend Magazine to physics

21 October 2013 | Source: The Financial Times

The Financial Times took the bold step of devoting its entire Weekend Magazine to the future of physics on Saturday 19 October.

With a little help from the Institute of Physics (IOP), the features in the magazine range from discussion on the next big challenges in physics research to the role of physics in, respectively, the markets, architecture, music and cooking.

Clive Cookson, science editor at the Financial Times, introduces the magazine by contesting the adage, ‘If the 20th century was the century of physics, then the 21st century will be the century of biology.’    

“That prediction,” Clive writes, “heard repeatedly around the turn of the millennium, understandably irritated physicists……..

“14 years later, however, industries based on physics – particularly information and communications technology – have transformed many more lives so far this century than their counterparts in biology.  

“In fundamental research, too, physics is powering ahead as this special edition of the FT Weekend Magazine – the first devoted to a single science subject – illustrates.”

The editors found rich subject matter which, alongside the features mentioned above, includes interviews with IOP honorary fellow Professor Brian Cox, Newton Medal winner and Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees of Ludlow, and a double page spread on the ‘galaxy’ of rising stars in international physics research, which includes a healthy smattering of IOP’s early career medal winners.

Joe Winters, head of media at the Institute of Physics, added, “We were delighted to be able to help our physics fan colleagues at the FT pull off a weekend coup and we think the result reflects brilliantly on the vibrancy and well-deserved excitement currently surrounding physics.”

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