Physics World sets the scene for 2014

20 December 2013

In the run up to the festive period, the Editor of Physics World, Matin Durrani, has revealed the range of events and topics that he and the magazine's editorial team are likely to be highlighting in 2014.

NASA’s MAVEN mission
NASA’s MAVEN mission: Courtesy NASA/GSFC


Although the ongoing upgrade to the Large Hadron Collider is likely to keep CERN's giant machine from the headlines, Matin details some of the new experiments, like NA62, that will fire up at the Geneva lab in 2014 and could unearth exciting new physics next year.

Looking to space, a collection of high-profile missions is set to keep space-science news stories flowing, with Matin's picks including China’s Jade Rabbit lunar rover, NASA’s MAVEN, India’s Mangalyaan probe and Europe's star-mapping Gaia craft.

And it could be a momentous year for dark matter with the Large Underground Xenon detector being further fine-tuned for picking up elusive WIMPs.

On the more applied side of physics, Matin reckons 2014 could be the year that the first smartphone with a graphene-based touchscreen appears, kick-starting a revolution in display-screen technology.

Additionally, 2014 marks the centenary of Max von Laue receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics for discovering the diffraction of X-rays by crystals -- a breakthrough that will be marked thanks to 2014 being named the International Year of Crystallography by UNESCO.

For this and much more, read Matin’s article here.    

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