#Thankphysics for that

14 November 2011 | Source: #thankphysics

Ever stop to consider the cutting edge technology you carry around in your pocket?

#Thankphysics for that

The Institute of Physics has produced a set of beer mats encouraging Brighton pub goers to think about the physics underpinning the gadgets we use every day.

The beer mats feature multiple choice questions such as ‘How many cassettes would you need to tape all the songs on a 32 GB MP3 player?’. Four different designs will be available, focusing on the internet, GPS, smartphones and MP3 players.

You can test your knowledge by texting in your answer or scanning a QR code on the back of the beermat.

By visiting physics.org you can also find out more about the physics at work inside your favourite gadgets, as well as the technological innovations shaping their future.

“The beer mats are designed to give people an opportunity to reflect on the impact technology has had on their lives,” says Rik Sargent, Outreach Officer at the Institute of Physics.

“By approaching people in pubs, we hope to get them talking with friends and colleagues about the gadgets that we often take for granted but which wouldn’t be possible without physics research.”

As hosts of Brighton’s Digital Festival, the city’s tech-savvy population is the ideal audience for this campaign.

A total of 50,000 beer mats will be going out to 50 pubs across Brighton and Hove from Monday 14 November, where they can be seen for approximately 4 weeks.

The beer mats will be accompanied by an online advertising campaign targeting Brighton inhabitants.

Join in the discussion on Twitter with our #thankphysics hashtag. 

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