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Very Early Career Woman Physicist of the Year Award
This year’s award was sponsored by Shell and aims to recognise significant achievements already accomplished at an early stage in any female physicist’s career.

Criteria for women to enter for the award is a significant contribution to the project on which they are working, activities undertaken to encourage others into physics, named referees and a CV.  Entrees may make their own application or can be nominated for the award. The winner is selected by members of the IOP’s Women in Physics Group Advisory Panel.  For further information please email Dr. Carol Thompson at or call 01224 818035.

Shell and their diversity drive
Shell operates in more than 110 countries, and has over 100,000 employees worldwide. Science, engineering and technology positions are critical for the company's success. Shell is a key player in the huge energy challenge currently facing the world, estimating that by the middle of this century the world will need twice as much energy for half the CO2. Shell sees it as their job to help deliver it - safely, responsibly and profitably.

To do this Shell needs to recruit the most talented people, against a background of hot competition. Shell draws from a diverse workforce, and the number of women in the organisation continues to increase. The company aims to ensure that we have diverse shortlists for jobs, which include well qualified female candidates - but of course the best person for the job is the one who gets it, regardless of gender.

Shell Women’s Network
The SWN (Shell Women's Network) in the UK (and in many other countries) aims to support women in their careers, by publicising role models, arranging learning and development events and providing mentoring opportunities.

Shell in the UK actively sponsors many scientific events, including:

  • Providing science workshops to 50,000 primary school children each in around 600 schools
  • Sponsorship of the Science Museum launchpad
  • Sponsorship of the UK Young Scientists and Engineers fair
  • One of the principal sponsors of Techfest, Aberdeen, along with BP
  • A sponsor of the Imperial College Science challenge
  • The Very Early Career Woman Physicist of the Year.

Institute of Physics Women in Physics Group
A Professional Group of the Institute of Physics established to encourage the participation of women in all areas of physics and all of IOP’s activities.  It aims to provide a forum for members to provide input into debate and initiatives to advance issues of particular relevance to women in the field of physics. The group provides support to female members by encouraging their professional development in industry, commerce, academia, teaching and research.  Go to

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