Waste coffee used as fuel storage

2 September 2015

Scientists have developed a simple process to treat waste coffee grounds to allow them to store methane. The simple soak and heating process develops a carbon capture material with the additional environmental benefits of recycling a waste product

Physics World

In September's Physics World: The secret life of scientific ideas

2 September 2015

Many of the most memorable stories in the history of science revolve around the conscious realization of an idea – the "Eureka!" moment. But what triggers these moments? Is there always some serendipitous event preceding a sudden epiphany, such as when Isaac Newton famously figured out gravity when he saw a falling apple?


European citizen science study using light to understand air pollution

28 August 2015

As part of the International Year of Light, the Institute of Physics (IOP) is playing a leading role in a Europe-wide experiment called iSPEX-EU to measure air pollution across the continent

International Year of Light summer school in Mexico

IOP helps postgraduates go to International Year of Light summer school in Mexico

28 August 2015

The IOP enabled several postgraduate students to participate in a summer school held in Mexico in August as part of celebrations for the International Year of Light

Roy Sambles

Roy Sambles discusses his work, his life and being the next IOP president

27 August 2015

Despite asserting that he is “not a political animal”, Prof. Roy Sambles is conscious of several pressing issues facing the physics community as he prepares to become the Institute’s president on 1 October

Credit: Pixabay CC0

Chocolate physics: how modelling could improve mouthfeel

27 August 2015

Lecithin is an ingredient that you’ve quite possibly never heard of, but one that plays a vital role in the production of chocolate and many other foods. It’s never been clear how this ingredient works on a molecular level, and confectioners have relied on observational methods – essentially trial and error – to perfect their recipes

IOP backs nascent physicists at Young Scientists Tanzania

IOP backs nascent physicists at Young Scientists Tanzania

17 August 2015

The Institute of Physics (IOP) sponsored a prize at this year’s Young Scientists Tanzania (YST) event and presented the award to the winners at a ceremony in Dar es Salaam on 6 August

A-level results 2015

Number of girls taking A-level physics rises despite overall decline in entries

13 August 2015

The number of girls taking A-level physics has risen despite an overall decline in entries to physics A-level

Clare Burrage

Award-winning early-career physicist is put in the spotlight

13 August 2015

The Institute of Physics (IOP) has decided to give a fuller picture of its Early Career Award winners through profiles of each of them, and the first of these focuses on Clare Burrage

Air quality in Equatorial Asia

Could controlling fire emissions in industrial plantations be key to improving air quality in Equatorial Asia?

12 August 2015

Researchers have combined satellite observations with atmospheric modelling to calculate how fires associated with industrial concessions in the Sumatra and Kalimantan regions of Indonesia affect air quality across Equatorial Asia

Food waste

UK bottom of European avoidable food waste league

12 August 2015

The UK produces the highest amount of avoidable food waste in Europe—equivalent to a tin of beans per person per day. Those are the findings from a team of researchers based at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission


Robo-whiskers mimic animals exploring their surroundings

5 August 2015

Many mammals, including seals and rats, rely on their whiskers to sense their way through dark environments. Inspired by these animals, scientists working at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Illinois' Advanced Digital Sciences Centre in Singapore have developed a robotic 'whisker' tactile sensor array designed to produce tomographic images by measuring fluid flow News

Galactic shape-shifting signals a decrease in star formation across cosmic history

Thu, 03 Sep

Study suggests that most stars are born in spiral galaxies but end up in elliptical ones

Physicists claim 'loophole-free' Bell-violation experiment

Wed, 02 Sep

Photons and diamonds used to simultaneously close detection and locality loopholes for the first time

Antimatter 'surfs' to higher energies on a plasma wave

Tue, 01 Sep

New positron acceleration technique could boost energies in next-generation colliders

Nanotubes energize laser-accelerated ions

Mon, 31 Aug

A layer of carbon nanotubes can triple the energy of laser-accelerated carbon ions

'Decorated' graphene is a superconductor

Fri, 28 Aug

Depositing lithium on 2D material generates Cooper pairs