PhysMail FAQ's

What is a forwarding only service?
Forwarding only means that any emails sent to your email will automatically forward to your chosen forwarding email address. This will be the only way to read your mail. For this to function you must have a third party email account to which all your mail can re-direct. Please click here for instructions on how to set/update your forwarding address.

How do I send or reply to an email?
As PhysMail is a forwarding service it is not possible to send outbound mail directly through

To send mail, you will need to set a ‘reply address’ within your forwarder email account. This will allow you to send from or on behalf of your PhysMail account and can normally be added in account settings. 

What is Barracuda?
Barracuda SPAM & Virus Firewall 400, is an integrated hardware and software solution that eliminates spam and viruses from email.

Why am I receiving emails from Barracuda?

If you have quarantined email waiting to be processed, Barracuda sends you a quarantine summary report by email. You have the choice to receive these Daily, Weekly or Never. Daily is recommended. From within the email, you can review your quarantined messages, add messages to your whitelist, delete messages, or have messages delivered to your Inbox.

  • To quickly remove all emails from quarantine, click the DELETE ALL DISPLAYED EMAILS link.
  • To review an individual message to determine if it Spam, click the View link.
  • To have an individual message delivered to your Inbox, click the Deliver link.
  • To have an individual message delivered to your Inbox and the sender whitelisted (so further email from this sender will be sent to your mailbox), click the Whitelist link.
  • To have an individual message removed (deleted) from your quarantine, click the Delete link.

Changing your quarantine settings

The Barracuda Spam Firewall only sends quarantine summary reports when one or more of your emails have been quarantined. If you select Never, you can still view your quarantined messages from the quarantine interface, but you will not receive quarantine summary reports.

  1. Under PREFERENCES, click Quarantine Settings.
  2. Next to Notification Interval, you have the choice to receive the quarantine summary report either Daily, Weekly or Never. 
  3. If you prefer to have the quarantine summary report sent to an account other than your College Exchange account, enter an email address in Notification Address.
  4. Click Save Changes.

You can also access your Barracuda settings by using this link ( and following the password request instructions.

If you require any further assistance, please contact