Mentor matching online

The online mentoring service is a tool to help mentees search for and identify mentors with the relevant professional experience within the IOP network.

Mentors like you will be asked to provide their details to be included on the database so that mentees can search using the following criteria:

  • individual mentors and their motivation for volunteering their mentoring services
  • their membership grade
  • their chartered status
  • their careers, professional interests, experience and expertise
  • industry sector and type of organization
  • geographical location
  • their availability
  • contact details

By using the search function, mentees can narrow down the pool of IOP mentors to come up with a list of suitable matches. Matches are computer-generated, and save time and effort in linking up mentoring partners. The database information will only be accessible to registered IOP members.

Contact us:
Vishanti Fox, Careers Manager 020 7470 4906