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Being Appraised
For a busy professional, handling an appraisal is a key skill not only for a manager, but also for the member of staff that is being appraised.
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Coaching Skills
Coaching is a fundamental skill and will greatly enhance your career portfolio. This course will help you develop an understanding of coaching and how you can use it to get the best out of members of your team or other colleagues.
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Conducting Performance Appraisals
The appraisal sits at the heart of any approach to performance management. The process of viewing the previous year's performance and of agreeing expectations for the coming period is key to the professional relationships managers develop with their staff.
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Leadership Skills
Leadership is a key skill that every manager needs to master. This course will help you to develop your leadership skills and use them to provide direction for your team.
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Managing from within the Team
This course helps managers to balance their roles, manage their time well and delegate effectively and be conscious of their responsibility as role model to the team and what it involves.
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Managing High Performing Teams
Successful team management can provide a multitude of benefits to an organisation. A high performing team increases morale, improves productivity and efficiency and provides better overall organisational performance.
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Managing Relationships
A good understanding of working relationships can give you the power to persuade, motivate and delegate more effectively and get the best out of the people around you. This course will help you understand the complexities of managing relationships...
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