Larissa Fradkin

Managing Director

Larissa Fradkin, Managing Director

I decided to apply for fellowship of the IOP because I’d recently started my own business and I felt that a formal professional recognition could inspire confidence in new clients.

Professional recognition and networking opportunities are the main advantages for me. I am a new fellow but as soon as I was elected I began receiving invitations to various exciting networking events. 

Promoting better education
I hope that ultimately being a fellow will help my company to promote quality teaching and learning of STEM subjects.

From 1993 till 2009 I worked for London South Bank University where I created a Waves and Fields Research Group, specialising in modelling ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation of industrial structures and components.  We mainly worked in the area of the safety of nuclear reactors.

Informing changes
In later years we also have got involved in developing educational software.  My company continues to work on the projects that started when I was in academia. 

I think this is a particularly important time to get involved in the work of professional institutions, to promote professional research-informed approach to educational reforms.  

After attaining MSc equivalent in Physics from Leningrad University, Larissa, 62, was awarded a PhD in Applied Mathematics, becoming a research scientist at the New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research until 1984. She moved Cambridge University, where she worked until 1992, first in underwater acoustics and then in thermonuclear energy research.   In her last year at Cambridge, Larissa taught mathematics and physics in ten colleges. Sound Mathematics is an independent research organisation.