Join us

It is easy to apply for membership of the Institute of Physics.

Just choose from one of the following grades and follow the instructions to join.

  • Fellow
    Indicates a very high level of achievement in physics and an outstanding contribution to the profession
  • Member
    For those with at least three years post-degree experience during which professional skills have been acquired
  • Associate Membership
    For those who have recently obtained a first degree in the physical sciences or engineering or its equivalent
  • Students
    16-19, Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  • Affiliate Membership
    For anyone with an interest in, but no formal background in, physics who wants to support the Institute’s objectives, and have access to member benefits
  • IOPimember
    This digital membership is perfect for anyone with an interest in physics

Although sending application forms electronically through the internet and email allows us to conserve our resources, if you would like to receive a printed copy, and for any other queries, email the Membership department with your postal address and which category of membership you are interested in.