Help us grow

The bigger our membership, the more we can do.

Institute members come from all occupations, all over the world.  The bigger our membership, the more we can do- to support and promote physics, and to develop the profession.  Word of mouth is key - many of our members come to us through recommendation.  Here are some ways you can help:

Tell your colleagues what you like about your membership (and tell us what you don't)

Put posters up on your noticeboards or Intranet- we're happy to provide them for you.

Invite us in to your company to run a Chartership workshop or have an information stand.

If you are presenting at a major international conference, we may be able to support you and your hosts to do an additional Institute  of Physics lecture.

We can provide slides for presentations and wording for emails, if you have an audience you'd like to tell about the Institute.

Current campaigns
The digital edition of July's Physics World is open to all for a limited period. Why not encourage your colleagues to find out more about the Physics of Sport

Free undergraduate student membership - is available to all of those studying for an undergraduate degree in Physics anywhere in the world.  

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