Professional Standards Panels

Chartered Engineer, Chartered Physicist and Fellowship are all peer assessed qualifications.

The Institute's Council delegates authority for making the assessments to panels of members who hold the relevant designation, and the authority for setting the assessment regulations and processes to the Professional Standards Committee of the Membership and Qualifications Board (regulations for Chartered Engineer are set by the Engineering Council).  Board, Committee and panel members are all volunteers (elected, in the case of the Chair of the Board, who is the Vice-President, Membership and Qualifications).

The Board and the Committee meet three times a year.  Panels take place virtually, and members would be involved in any number of panels from 1 to 20 a year. Panel members also meet annually to undertake application benchmarking. If you are a CPhys, CEng or Fellow and you would be interested in becoming a panel member, please email  

If you would like to support others more directly with their development, why not become a mentor? More information.

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