Reinstating your chartered designation

Within 3 years
If your status lapsed or was resigned within the last 3 years, you can reinstate on payment of the appropriate fees- for CPhys, this is the current year’s registration fee, for CEng, you will have to back date payments to include the missing year(s) registration fees (these are passed directly to the Engineering Council).

If 3 years or more have elapsed
Chartered status is the hallmark of the practising professional.  For this reason, if you resign it or let it lapse for a period of three years or more, you will be asked to show that your knowledge and skills are still current and that you are committed to your continuing professional development. 

Chartered Physicist
For Chartered Physicists, this will require the submission of an up to date CV and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) report and any additional relevant information (e.g. covering letter outlining mitigating circumstances).  If your application is accepted you will be reinstated on payment of the annual registration fee. If your application is rejected you may appeal following the Institute’s appeal procedure.

Chartered Engineer
For Chartered Engineers, this will require the submission of a new application, including fees, the same as for those applying for the first time.  You application will be assessed in the same way (including interviews) and is subject to the same appeal procedures.