Reinstating your chartered designation

If your chartered designation has lapsed and you wish to reinstate it you may apply to do so.  What is required will depend on how long it is since you were removed from the register.  The following applies if you were removed by choice, through non-payment or through failure to submit a requested continuing professional development (CPD) return.  If you were removed for disciplinary reasons you should contact us to discuss what is required.

Within one year

If your designation has lapsed for less than twelve months then you can apply to be reinstated on payment of the appropriate fees. You will be advised of what needs to be paid upon application.

Longer than twelve months but less than three years

If you were removed from the register for longer than twelve months but less than three years you can be re-instated once the Institute has satisfied itself that you have maintained your competence, skills and knowledge. In order to assess this we will require the submission of a current CV, a CPD report covering the intervening period and a covering letter detailing the reasons for lapse and any mitigating circumstances.

You have two options depending on whether you wish your reinstatement to result in the maintenance of your original registration date. If you wish your maintain the original registration you will need to pay all outstanding registration fees for the period lapsed. If you do not wish to pay all outstanding fees then you must pay the current registration fee and any administration fee that might be applied. In this case your registration date shall be the reinstatement date and you will be issued with a new registration certificate.

Longer than three years

If you have been removed from the register for more than three years you will need to undergo a Professional Review. This will involve submitting a new professional review report including a CPD submission covering the intervening period and a current CV. This will be assessed by an assessment panel who may request that you attend a professional review interview. In all cases you will be treated as a new registrant and will be issued with a registration certificate.

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