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Why become chartered?

Physics is an integral part of our culture, providing the foundations for many scientific disciplines including chemistry, biology, the geo-sciences and engineering. The increase in wealth, globalisation, living standards and the quality of life in the 20th century was largely based on technological progress which in turn relied heavily on innovative research in physics. These trends are anticipated to continue in the 21st Century.

In recognition of this the Institute has strengthened the standard for Chartered Physicist and made it a valuable mark of excellence. Chartered Physicists agree to be bound by a Code of Conduct that reflects best practice. The Code requires our members not only to show a high level of professionalism, but also to continually advance their competence through continuing professional development.

The Institute also offers Chartered Engineer to its multidisciplinary members.

The title Chartered Physicist is exclusive to the Institute of Physics. Chartered Engineer is maintained by the Engineering Council UK (ECUK).

Chartered status stands for the highest standards of professionalism, up-to-date expertise, quality and safety, and for capacity to exercise leadership and undertake independent practice. As well as competence, the title denotes commitment to keep pace with advancing knowledge and with the increasing expectations and requirements for which any profession must take responsibility.

Chartered status is the aspiration of members engaged at the leading edge of all fields of physics and its applications.

The Standard of Chartered Status
In a profession as dynamic as physics the best never stand still. Similarly, the requirements for attaining and maintaining chartered status have advanced considerably since their introduction and are kept under continuous review. Physicists who are chartered are professionals who are at the leading edge of their field.

People employ Chartered Professionals for good business reasons. Chartered Professionals provide sound advice and professional judgment, based on up-to-date skills. Chartered Professionals are cost-effective, outcome-orientated, take a holistic approach and are sensitive to all agenda. To an employer, it means an assurance of quality, accountability and superior value for money.

The world is becoming increasingly competitive, a job-for-life is a thing of the past and chartered status is rapidly becoming a vital pre-requisite for continued employability.

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