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Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Chartered Engineers are characterised by their ability to develop appropriate solutions to engineering problems, using new or existing technologies, through innovation, creativity and change.

Many physicists move into engineering at some point in their careers and so the Institute of Physics is happy to offer CEng to its members.

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 What are the requirements for CEng?
The benchmark for CEng is an accredited MEng degree coupled with approximately 5 years work experience, 2 years of which should demonstrate responsible experience. If you do not hold an accredited MEng degree, then the basic requirements are that you have a degree in physics or a related subject and demonstrate the missing engineering parts of your degree through a MEng equivalence report; this is a technical project which is undertaken in the 4th year of an MEng degree and should demonstrate the depth and breadth of your engineering knowledge in application.

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 Application form and guidelines
The Institute requires that all CEng candidates use the online application form which includes a Professional Review Report template and MPhys equivalence template. The online application form allows data to be saved and returned to at a later date and is the fastest method of applying. Please read the guidance notes before starting your application to ensure that you have everything you need.

CEng online application form

CEng application guidance notes (PDF, 200 KB)

For all further inquiries please contact, thank you.

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 Guidance on supporters
It is mandatory that both your supporters are Chartered Engineers. This document gives guidance on choosing your supporters (Word, 158 KB).

All applicants are advised to search amongst their network of contacts and/or to attend local Group and Branch meetings in order to nurture suitable relationships. You could also find yourself a mentor, who, over time, may get to know you well enough to be able to provide support - we provide a mentor/mentee matching service to help with this. If you genuinely can not locate any Chartered Engineers in their network, the Professional Development team can nominate a supporter for you. However, this option is always closely scrutinised and queried by the assessing panel.

International applicants can use their local equivalent of a Chartered Engineer as a supporter. 1 supporter must be from an organisation other than your own. This is to ensure independence of opinion. You must not be related to either of your supporters.

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 Interview Assessment
If you need to submit an MEng equivalence report you will also have an MEng interview. This will take 45 minutes and be carried out before your main interview. All candidates attend a professional review interview which takes 45-60 minutes. The interview forms can all be downloaded from our Professional Standards Procedures.

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 Where will I be interviewed and on what dates are CEng interviews available?

The majority of interviews are held at the Institute's headquarters in London. However, where there are two or more candidates from the same company or town we can arrange for interviews to be held more locally. In many cases the employer of one of the candidates will be asked to provide a small room for our use. If you think this could apply to you please contact to see if anyone else in your area is due for an interview.

CEng interviews are held on scheduled dates throughout the year and take place every two to three weeks, on each day we are able to accommodate two interviews. Once we have contacted and received the forms from your supporters we will offer you a date and time to attend an interview in London at the IOP Headquarters or where necessary an external venue located close to 76 Portland Place.

Please note that interviews are offered on a first come first served basis once supporters have returned their comments. Applicants cannot be offered an interview without supporters having returned their comments.

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 Contact the Professional Development Team
Please email or call +44(0)20 7470 4800 for further guidance or to talk to somebody about getting chartered.

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 Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 35 KB)

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Become a Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Email for a paper copy of the leaflet

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