Cultural Heritage meets Science: The Interface

14 September 2011
Mary Rose Trust Museum, Portsmouth, UK

Organised by the IOP Materials and Characterisation Group

Supported by European Physical Society (EPS), Materials Research Society (MRS) and Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

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Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)


This one day event will bring together those working or with an interest in the field of cultural heritage and heritage science to introduce and discuss the blend of cutting edge and traditional science behind the preservation of the moveable heritage, and the ethical framework which shapes its experiments.

As well as offering enjoyment to individuals and communities, and underpinning the thought processes and ethical basis of a society, cultural heritage also generates huge amounts of revenue for the economy through the leisure and tourism industries.

In the case of our museum or “portable” heritage, protection and preservation of the inspiring and lucrative asset it represents requires an in depth understanding of diverse materials, their interaction with each other and the environment, ethically acceptable countermeasures to degradation, as well as characterisation techniques for monitoring materials and processes.

The event offers a fantastic occasion for interested, new and experienced colleagues to share best practice and build relationships for future collaborative research. The meeting will take place in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard and includes a tour behind the scenes at the Mary Rose Trust and the ship “The Warrior”.

Places are limited due to the venue size and so early registration is advised.

Organising committee

  • Dr R J H Morris, University of Warwick (Chair)
  • Dr A Crossley, Oxford University
  • Prof. M Dowsett, University of Warwick
  • Prof. M Jones, Mary Rose Trust

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