Science of Inkjet and Printed Drops

10:30Registration and refreshments
Professor Ian Hutchings, University of Cambridge, UK
11:00Inkjet fluid rheology
Professor Malcom Mackley, University of Cambridge, UK
11:40Simulating jet break up of polymeric fluids in inkjet printing
Dr Oliver Harlen, University of Leeds, UK
12:20Large scale models of inkjet systems
Dr Jose Rafael Castrejon-Pita, University of Cambridge, UK
13:00Lunch and Poster Session
14:30Drop on demand piezoelectric inkjet printing; state of the art and beyond
Dr Alison Morris, Xaar PLC
15:10Tonejet – an electrostatic drop on demand technology – the process and applications
Dr Daniel Mace, Tonejet LTD
15:50Resolution and stability of printed features
Professor Brian Derby, The University of Manchester, UK
16:30End of meeting