Science of Inkjet and Printed Drops

11 November 2010
Institute of Physics, London, UK

Organised by the IOP Printing and Graphics Science Group

This meeting will cover all aspects of the generation, deposition and behaviour of liquid droplets. It follows two successful “Dynamics of Printed Drops” events, with a new focus on inkjet printing for text, images and manufacturing.

The application of inkjet not just to office printing but, more recently, to commercial printing and to fabrication, has amplified interest in the science behind the technology. The science of inkjet and its applications encompasses a broad range of disciplines which include fluid mechanics, acoustics, surface chemistry, rheology, aerodynamics and electrostatics.

This meeting invites scientists and technologists from both academia and industry to present their perspective on not only the “1 mm journey” from the nozzle (if there is one!) to substrate but also what happens before drop ejection and during the drop impact, spreading and drying phases.

This year our invited speakers will consider the influence of the ink rheology on drop formation, the use of large scale systems to model small scale behaviour, the use of mathematical simulations to predict inkjet performance and the interaction of drops as they are printed onto surfaces.

The latest developments of two very different inkjet printing techniques will be detailed.

The meeting will be held in the Franklin Lecture Theatre at the Institute of Physics.

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  • Dr D P Jones
  • Professor I Hutchings


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