Electrospinning - Principles, Practise and Possibilities

10:20Principles of Electrospinning
Fred Davis and Geoff Mitchell, University of Reading
11:00Polymer Network Stretching during Electrospinning
Arkadii Arinstein, Technion Israel Institute of Technology
11:35Future electrospinning opportunities regarding process control 
Stuart Coles, WMG
12:05Poster “Snapshot” Presentations
12:15Lunch and posters
13:30Cell Electrospinning
Suwan Jayasinghe, University College London 
14:05Electrospinning of food-grade polysaccharides
Ann Stijnman, NIZO food research 
14:25Wetting behaviour of electrospun polymer nanofibres
Urszula Stachewicz, Nanoforce Technology Ltd. & Queen Mary University of London
14:45Electrospinning of Monomers
Alexander Bittner, CIC Nanogune Consolider
15:35Nanostructured coaxial fibres for hydrogen storage applications
Arthur Lovell, STFC 
16:10Single crystal-like structure obtained in aligned nonlinear optically active nanofiber array 
Dmitry Isakov, University of Minho 
16:30Improved mechanical properties of electrospun polymer nanofibres 
Beatriz Cortes Ballesteros, Queen Mary University of London 
16:50Micro-weaving and micro-moulding of electrospun nanofibres 
Guy Schlatter, LIPHT / University of Strasbourg 
17:10Closing remarks

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