Electrospinning - Principles, Practise and Possibilities

24 November 2010
Institute of Physics, London, UK

Organised by the IOP Dielectrics Group
Co-sponsored by the IOP Polymer Physics Group and the Macro Group

Electrospinning is a platform technology for producing novel nanofibrous materials with a high surface to volume ratio, significant fibre interconnectivity and microscale interstitial spaces. Electrospun fibres are of high interest in a diverse range of applications ranging from cell biology and tissue engineering, through filtration to power and optoelectronic devices. This one day meeting will reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the science involved with and supported by electrospinning. It will be of interest to scientists from the life and physical sciences, engineering and application technologists.


  • Professor Geoffrey Mitchell, Professor and Director, CfAM - Centre for Advanced Microscopy, University of Reading


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