Invited speakers

  • Anomalous dispersion interactions in conjugated systems: from wires to graphene 
    A Alavi, Cambridge, UK
  • Synchrotron Radiation Based Surface Science
    J N Andersen, Lund, Sweden
  • Studies of enantioselectivity and chirality at well-defined surfaces and supported catalysts
    G Attard, Cardiff, UK
  • Fundamental investigations of heterogeneous chiral catalysts
    C J Baddeley, St Andrews, UK
  • Conductance of single molecules and magnetic atoms in a low-temperature STM
    R Berndt, Kiel, Germany
  • Photoelectron spectroscopy of surfaces under humid condition
    H Bluhm, Berkeley, USA
  • The role of ‘precursor states’ in the reactivity of model catalysts
    M Bowker, Cardiff, UK
  • Surface science investigations of gas-surface chemistry in space
    W Brown, UC London, UK
  • Experimental Measurements of the Energetics of Well-Defined Surface Reactions
    C T Campbell, Seattle, USA
  • Inelastic gas-surface interactions: how good is the Born-Oppenheimer approximation?
    S Holloway, Liverpool, UK
  • Towards an Understanding of Oxygen Vacancy Formation in Ceria
    P Hu, Belfast, UK
  • Towards the Integration of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Nanofabrication Methods
    G Leggett, Sheffield, UK
  • Surface Science Opportunities at Diamond Light Source
    C Nicklin, Diamond Light Source, UK
  • Structure and properties of ultra-thin Pt- and Au-nanowires on Ge(001)
    B Poelsema, Twente, The Netherlands
  • The Handed Surface: Nanoscale Control of Mirror-Symmetry Breaking in Supramolecular Assemblies
    R Raval, Liverpool, UK
  • Low dimensional structures: semiconductor quantum dots to two dimensional polymers
    N V Richardson, St Andrews, UK
  • Chiral purification using crystal growth and grinding
    E Vlieg, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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