17th Interdisciplinary Surface Science Conference

30 March - 2 April 2009
University of Reading

Organised by the IOP Thin Films and Surfaces Group
Co-sponsored by the Solid Surfaces Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry

ISSC is the flagship UK conference series in the field of surface science and thin film research, organised jointly by the Thin Films and Surfaces Group of the Institute of Physics and the Surface Science Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

 The conference will cover all areas related to surface science, fundamental catalysis and thin films research, including

  • surface structure and dynamics
  • catalysis and surface reactions
  • theory and modelling of surfaces
  • chiral surfaces
  • oxide surfaces
  • semiconductor materials
  • magnetism and spintronics
  • thin film growth
  • molecular electronics
  • organic adsorbates and self-assembly
  • biointerfaces
  • electrochemistry and liquid/solid interfaces


In addition, ISSC-17 will feature three “hot topics”, including

  • surface science at environmental pressures
  • molecular Recognition at surfaces
  • bio-Interfaces


Scanwell, Createc, Specs, Kurt J. Lesker, ELSEVIER

Local Organising Committee

G Held (Chair), R A  Bennett (Co-Chair), D Nutt, D J Watson


Alcatel Vacuum Technology (UK) Ltd, ionTof, Journal of Physics, LewVac, Milbrook Instruments, Pfeiffer, Prevac, Scanwell, SMS, VG Scienta Ltd.

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